On 18 May 2018, a group of 35 professors of Financial and Tax Law from universities throughout Spain gathered in Granada to honour Prof. Matías Cortés, professor, founding partner and president of the professional firm CORTÉS, ABOGADOS, and to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the publication of his book, Ordenamiento Tributario Español (The Spanish Tax System), the first treaty on the subject in Spain.

During the meeting, the group of professors approved and signed a document known as the “Granada Declaration”, which examines the Public Treasury’s current situation from a legal perspective. The academics expressed their concern about the deterioration of legal certainty in the tax field—from a normative and  law enforcement point of view—as well as the breach of the constitutional principles of legality, justice, equality, and solidarity.

The following professors signed the Declaration: Mr. Matías Cortés Domínguez, Mr. Rafael Calvo Ortega, Mr. Javier Lasarte Álvarez, Mr. Fernando Pérez Royo, Mr. Alvaro Rodríguez Bereijo, Mr. José María Martín Delgado, Mr. Juan Martín Queralt, Mr. José Manuel Tejerizo López, Mr. Juan Ramallo Massanet, Ms. Maria Teresa Soler Roch, Mr. Eugenio Simón Acosta, Mr. Ernesto Eseverri Martínez, Mr. Ernesto Lejeune Valcárcel, Mr. Francisco Escribano López, Mr. Gabriel Casado Ollero, Ms. Antonia Agulló Agüero, Mr. Gaspar de la Peña Serrano, Dª. Manuela Fernández Junquera, D. Carmelo Lozano Serrano, Mr. Juan Zornoza Pérez, Mr. Perfecto Yebra Martiul-Ortega, Ms. Maria Dolores Arias Abellán, Mr. Juan J. Hinojosa Torralvo Pérez, Mr. Germán Orón Moratal, Ms. Ana Muñoz Merino, D Juan López Martínez, Mr. Isaac Merino Jara, Mr. Fernando Fernández Marín, Mr. José María Lago Montero, and Ms. Yolanda García Calvente.

Presentation Matías Cortes – University of Granada, 18th May, 2018.

Declaration of Granada – 18th May, 2018.

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First Italian-Spanish Conference on Procedural Law

On 4 May 2018, the “I Incontro Italo-Spagnolo di Diritto Processuale” (First Italian-Spanish Conference on Procedural Law) will be held at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. The conference will start with a lecture on “The Italian and Spanish procedural law schools in the second half of the 20th century”, after which a debate will be held on “The reasonable duration of the proceeding and res iudicata”.

The conference coordinators are Prof. Joan Picó and Prof. Belén Mora Capitán, an associate lawyer at CORTÉS, ABOGADOS, who will also intervene as speakers together with Vicente Pérez Daudí, Angelo Dondi, Manuel Cachón Cadenas, and Lotario Dittrich.

Procedural and Criminal Forum

The Procedural and Criminal Forum was held on 9th February 2018, organised by the Department of Procedural and Criminal Law at the School of Law of the UCM and Grant Thornton, that analysed problematic issues related to judicial procedures, especially in the criminal jurisdiction, to seek solutions, alternatives or different interpretations or focuses through experts with different profiles involved in the matter.

The speakers at the Forum included, among others, Daniel Campos, Partner in charge of the Criminal Law Department at CORTÉS, ABOGADOS, public prosecutor on voluntary leave.



On 23rd January 2018, Antonio Cortés Domínguez, Managing Partner of Cortés, Abogados, was appointed by the Trustees of the International University of Catalonia (UIC), Private Foundation, as a member of its Universiity Advisory Council.


Last Thursday, on 21 September, José Luis Barrera Llorca, an associate lawyer at CORTÉS ABOGADOS obtained his PhD in Law from Ramon Llull University (ESADE Law School, Barcelona), Deusto University (Bilbao) and Pontificia de Comillas University (Madrid) with the maximum rating of Outstanding “Cum Laude”. The thesis he defended: “The preventive waiver as a decisional remedy in Spanish Civil Law” deals with the intended nature of the resolutory faculty as well as the limits to a possible waiver of the resolution as a solution. The study is of particular interest in the field of negotiation of the Share Purchase Agreements and business transfers (Business Sale and Purchase Agreements), where it is common for the parties to design a system of remediation against non-compliance that goes beyond, and even singularly derogates, that which is set forth under the law.