Daniel Campos, a partner at CORTÉS, ABOGADOS and in charge of the firm’s Criminal Department is the author of Chapter 21 (Intellectual Property Offences) of the Treatise on White-Collar Crime recently published by Editorial  Tirant Lo Blanch.

Daniel contributes his knowledge and practical experience in Prosecution Offices including those of Audiencia Nacional (Central Criminal and Administrative Court) or the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, where he spearheaded intellectual property investigations and convictions like the emblematic case of

According to the publisher “this treatise is a serious, rigorous and thorough study into an area of Criminal Law that, unfortunately, has gained increasing prevalence in recent times. The book combines an important theoretical contribution to this discipline, thanks to the presence of Professors and Chairs of Criminal Law from the most important Spanish universities, combined with practical input from some of the main legal stakeholders: judges and justices from all levels, including the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court, Prosecutors, especially the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor and Audiencia Nacional Prosecutor, State Prosecutors, Tax Agency officials and lawyers specialised in this area of law. With this book, we aim to provide a simple yet comprehensive approach to an area of Criminal Law that often presents a certain degree of technical complexity. Not forgetting that a major proportion of the offences that fall under this discipline require an in-depth knowledge of other legal disciplines”.