Daniel Campos, who used to be part of the legal team at CORTÉS, ABOGADOS from 2006 to 2008, has joined the Firm as a partner in charge of the area of Economic and Financial Criminal Law.

A practicing attorney on leave of absence, Daniel Campos has worked at the Public Ministry for twenty-five years. Among other positions, he has worked at the Department of Financial Crimes of the Prosecutor’s Office of the High Court of Justice of Madrid, the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Narcotics, the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Corruption, or, during the last eight years, at the Prosecutor’s Office of the Spanish National High Court where he held the position of Financial Crime Coordinator.

Daniel Campos has been a Prosecutor in highly notorious financial-related cases such as the “Roldán” case, the “Operación Crucero” (Viajes Marsans) case, the “Finanzas Forex” case, the “Ramsonware” case, the “Youkioske” case and the “Ausbanc-Manos Limpias” case, among others. He has also partipated in criminal procedures related to money laundering and terrorism.

Daniel has been a member of the Commission for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Monetary Infractions, liaison for the European Network of Joint Investigation Teams and spokesperson for the Monitoring Committee of the ORGA (Bureau of Recovery and Management of Assets/FGE (Public Prosecutor’s Office) Agreement. He has also participated as an expert in various strengthening programs for national institutions on issues related to financial crime, organized crime and money laundering in several Latin American countries (Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Uruguay, etc.) and Eastern European countries (Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Albania, Macedonia, etc.).