CORTÉS, ABOGADOS is a leading corporate law firm. It advises shareholders, investors and companies, both private and public, on a wide range of corporate matters. The firm has continuously contributed to the development of Spanish corporate law in defence of its clients’ interests, having participated in transactions considered to be milestones in their legislative and judicial development.

With regard to the internal organisation of corporations, CORTÉS, ABOGADOS is a leader in the creation and development of its own regulatory systems. Based on the principle of autonomy of will, we design, through articles of association, bylaws, regulations and other internal rules of development, internal legal systems for companies, adapted to their nature, needs and characteristics.

Since its inception, CORTÉS, ABOGADOS has continuously advised companies on their expansion and growth. Likewise, as an essential core of the practice of CORTÉS, ABOGADOS, we advise clients on their inorganic growth through acquisitions, mergers and spin-offs, as well as any other structural or corporate operation.

Defence of competition in the market is a consolidated practice of the firm. CORTÉS, ABOGADOS advises and defends its clients both in antitrust and restrictive competition practices, assisting them in the corresponding proceedings before the Competition Authorities (at European, state or regional level) and judicial bodies.

When  faced with crisis situations (conflicts between shareholders, takeover bids, regulatory reforms, defence of the competitive environment…) we apply our work and our modus operandi  either to bring them to an amicable conclusion or by resorting to the legal protection of tribunals and courts.