Administrative – Regulatory

CORTÉS, ABOGADOS advises clients in all regulated economic sectors, as well as in all government-related matters.

In our professional practice, we have played a role in numerous administrative contracting issues concerning tenders, as well as the enforcement, termination, and settlement of contracts. Major contracts with the Administration (given their financial importance, lengthy term, etc.) are of great complexity which translates into countless incidences that require specialised counsel based on the needs and strategies of the client.

In regulated sectors (finance, energy, pharma, telecom, etc.), numerous strictly commercial operations are subject to certain requirements of expertise, control, and authorisation from the Administration.

We have extensive experience in inspection and disciplinary proceedings in very different sectors (hydrocarbons, competition, electricity, security markets, banking and finance, money laundering, environment, etc.), as well as in cases concerning financial liability procedures.

The rigour and earnestness with which we defend our clients before the public authorities in cases of all kinds make us a benchmark in this field, a quality that is recognised by the various administrations with which we engage on a regular basis.