With a highly experienced team, the approach, strategy and composition of the firm allows for the integration of specialists from other areas (tax, regulatory, competition, commercial, financial, securities market, etc.) in the criminal defence, who can effectively defend in the most demanding cases, in which criminal law is complemented by other disciplines.

The work of CORTÉS, ABOGADOS extends in this area to international judicial cooperation procedures such as extraditions, European arrest and surrender warrants and any other instruments of international mutual assistance both within the European Union and with non-EU states.

At CORTÉS, ABOGADOS, in the preventive field of corporate economic criminal law practice, we pay special attention to regulatory compliance, helping our clients to equip themselves with Compliance models, as part of a correct understanding of Corporate Governance. To this end, based on an appropriate assessment of the risks of each branch of business or activity, we help companies to adopt effective measures to prevent and detect any breach of regulations, thus avoiding the possible liability of the legal entity and its directors.