CORTÉS, ABOGADOS has a firmly established identity in the professional practice of its members.

  • Independence: In its professional practice, CORTÉS, ABOGADOS is exclusively committed to the best defence, in law, of the legitimate interests of its clients, without any dependence or prejudice.
  • Commitment: The Firm takes on the projects and objectives of its clients as its own. This commitment is based on trust, loyalty and mutual collaboration.
  • Rigour: The comprehensive analysis of the situation, based on intellectual and technical rigour are the basis for the strategy of any matter, transaction or controversy in which the Firm intervenes.  The same rigour presides over our practice, always seeking the best legal position for the client.
  • Professional Excellence: The members of CORTÉS, ABOGADOS have a solid academic and professional background and most of them have a legal and professional background previously acquired in other professional fields (Doctors, Professors, University Lecturers, State Attorneys, Tax Inspectors, Magistrates, Prosecutors on leave of absence, etc.). Together, they constitute a group of professionals with an average of more than 20 years’ experience in the practice of law.  
  • Strategic and multidisciplinary approach: Matters are studied and dealt with by specialists from the different areas of law, in close collaboration with the best experts in other fields (economic and financial advisors, communication advisors, etc.), choosing the strategies and solutions that best suit the client’s needs and objectives.  
  • Creativity: Based on a thorough knowledge of the legal system, the search for the best solution to the problems posed leads, time and again, to the questioning of the solutions already constructed. From this constant challenge, other innovative and more effective solutions emerge, always based on legal rigour, which have given rise to new jurisprudential interpretations or regulatory changes originating in our professional practice.